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Are you insane?


Hair getting longgggg #woo #mermaid #hair #selfie #greenhair

So it’s the first day of my last year at university and I am so excited to be going back. I hope the year is full of joy, luck and sucess for everyone and thankyou to my friends and family that made my summer wonderful. (Eep hair /face still stained fron colour run)


we should all strive to be as body positive as moominpappa

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mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

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I just want more prominent cheekbones

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🙈they’re perfect💜 #unif

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Liu Wen in “Scarlet Rouge” by Camilla Akrans for Vogue China, October 2014

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Everything you love is here

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That “I cant go out because I havent done my summer projects” daylight slobbery. #selfie #me #bareface #exposetheforhead #greenhair #alt #girlswithpiercings

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