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Are you insane?


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Lenka Simeckova - on Tumblr / Facebook / Deviantart

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My sleeping schedule sucks and this is going to help a lot!

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Lost in Cyberspace | Julia Nobis by Steven Meisel

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Dividus: Anatomical Collages

Artist on tumblr, on Behance, Society6

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Looking like my mum as scary spice while nia looks more harajuku as baby spice. Haha!@niinii_kun #festivaloflove #southbank

Cheesy grins at the festival of love with @niinii_kun today! #polaroid #friends #me

Been working on some things for my ashfordian photography ladycake @ellieeehope to shoot. Shirt. Done. Trousers. In da make


Model, Hair & MakeUp: Červená Fox
Photographer: Julian M Kilsby at ShadowFlux Studio
Corset Gown: Royal Black Couture & Corsetry

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